Thursday, August 09, 2007

Health Dept. Sets Conditions for Red Hook Vendors


As we noted yesterday, via Porkchop Express, the Department of Health is after the Red Hook vendors over technical issues. If they're not resolved they could be shut down in 10 days. Vendor Committee chair Cesar Fuentes met with officials yesterday. Porkchop follows up with the conditions that have been given to the vendors. Porkchop reports:
the Food Vendors of Red Hook Park have about 10 days to “be compliant” with the DOH's “major concerns.” By Sunday August 19th they must:
  • store more ice in coolers
  • acquire portable hand washers/sanitation units
  • wear sterile gloves and change said gloves regularly
  • have a source of running water to wash hands, tacos, etc.
  • rent commercial grade kitchens to prep food, or prepare everything on-site
Most significantly, The Powers That Be want everyone who works at a stand to be licensed. Anyone associated with a tent – from corn shuckers to pupusa stuffers – must undergo a training session to obtain a mobile food vending license. At present, only 12 tent operators are licensed; this number will (must) more than quadruple.

I can't honestly say this all makes sense. And as Carolina Salguero, Director of PortSide NewYork put it: “makes me wonder how RH ballfields food differs from all the Halal/hot dog street carts [which] have no plumbing. Something odd here...”
The vendors have ten days to comply. It's also worth noting that the competitive bidding process for the long-term permit to operate in the park--the Parks Department action that provoked a great deal of opposition--is moving forward. Perhaps it's time for Sen. Charles Schumer and others to reason with city officials again.



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Is it really necessary for the DOH to be such life-sucking vampires? I can't live without those papusas.

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