Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Officials Travel to Look at Models for Coney Redevelopment

Tivoli at Night

Officials from the New York Economic Development Corp. have made a number of trips to amusement parks around the world to look at possible models for Coney Island, reports Jotham Sederstrom in today's Daily News. Among the destinations: Blackpool, England, Copenhagen (photo of Tivoli Gardens above), Amsterdam and Orland. Mr. Sederstrom writes:
Since 2005, city Economic Development Corp. officials have visited five locations - in Blackpool, England; Copenhagen and another Danish city; Amsterdam and Orlando - in search of the best rides, the boldest designs and the most effective ways to draw crowds.

"People no longer just want amusements," said Coney Island Development Corp. President Lynn Kelly...

Paid for by the EDC, the journeys included two stops in Denmark - in Dyrehavsbakken, the world's oldest amusement park, and in Tivoli Gardens, where Kelly and other officials rode the historic 93-year-old Rutsjebanen roller coaster. In Florida, officials hit the rides at Universal Studios theme park and Disney World. In England, they went to Blackpool, a beach resort that shares similarities with Coney Island.
Officials say they aren't negotiating with anyone, just seeking ideas. How this fits in with Thor Equities plans for its Coney Island property is unclear.



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