Wednesday, September 12, 2007

South Slope Construction Joy Report

We found a couple of items in the email flow from the South Slope, where residents often detail the challenges and problems caused by neighborhood development sites:

1). Our Car Hit by the Jerkoffs @ 230 16th. "My mother had the car parked across the street from us (257) That big construction site was apparently trying to move cars around by putting a barrier and pushing them. The result? The front bumper of our Jeep
is hit, dropping downward. Wonderful. Oh yeah, and according to the DOB's site, this place is supposedly under a SWO."

2). Who Owns the Streets? "Bulldozer with no markings, plates or registration #'s parked in front of 162 sixteenth for 3 days. 311 complaint # C1-1-347049372. Told to call local presinct. Called 72nd spoke to PO Gary & PO Yusef. Both told me that they can't do anything if it has no plates. So basically (and this has always been the case with Katan and Company) if you TOTALLY (why register and insure if you risk getting fined) violate the law the police will do nothing but harrass the neighbors for calling to ask that something be done. Hold it - what was that I heard? Oh well! Nothing but the sound of our taxes going up to pay for the 421a (welfare for the rich), who obviously own the streets too. Except of course when they have to be repaired. Then they belong to the rest of us. I Love this City."

The Katan in question is Isaac Katan, who is also developing the huge Domino Sugar site in Williamsburg and a variety of projects around North and South Brooklyn.

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