Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bloggy Brooklyn: Kinetic Carnival Pumps Up the Volume

Kinetic Carnival

If you read GL, you know that we have major respect for the good people at Kinetic Carnival. In addition to being a nice person, Omar Robau has done a first-rate job covering Coney Island stories. He's broken his fair share of news too since he started Kinetic Carnival and always manages to find interesting things to share about one of the neighborhoods with which GL is clearly obsessed. So, we take great pleasure in noting that Kinetic has greatly stepped up its volume of posting recently and added Ben Nadler as a guest blogger. We look forward to even more coverage of Coney Island from Kinetic Carnival, particularly as the redevelopment discussion intensifies this fall and winter. If you haven't checked out Kinetic Carnival recently, then head on over by clicking here.

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