Saturday, October 20, 2007

Checking Out 291 Devoe

291 Devoe Crop

We're not saying that the situation pictured above at 291 Devoe Street in East Williamsburg is not safe. There appear to be safety harnesses and ropes in place. All we can say is it appears to potentially not be the most secure thing we've ever seen. The photo and the information are from our Greenpoint correpondent, who also directed us to complaints at the DOB concerning worker safety. The building has logged 14 complaints with the Department of Buildings, but very little action. They range from the report of steel beams falling to the sidewalk and concerns about worker safety in the complaint below to things like "excessive garbage" and work causing the building next door to shake. As to the shaking, when the DOB inspector showed up a day later, they didn't observe any shaking and dismissed the complaint. (Note to public management school students looking for a project: Go to the New York City Department of Buildings. You will find much to examine.) A complaint last year about construction undermining the building next door did result in a temporary Stop Work Order, however.

291 Devoe DOB

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Anonymous bob z. said...

i live across the street, at 243, from that hazardous monstrosity and got more information from your brief post here than from endless sidewalk conversation - on the same subject! - with my elderly neighbors. so thanks for that.

the contractors are brutish and reckless, their work shoddy and their hours insupportable, if not illegal. and all of that is to say nothing about the design. yeesh.

those of us who live in its shadow thank you for shining a light on that project.

12:33 PM  

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