Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sugar Flies Coop, But Turns Up Safe


Last week, it was Foghorn, the lovebird. This week, it was Sugar the cockatoo. After posting about her deep fears of being rendered homeless as the Giant Fart Cloud Building is brought down, blogger Bad Advice writes of the loss of Sugar:
If you've ever gotten your haircut at the Brooklyn General Barber Emporium, you might recognize Sugar. My neighbor Meredith is his owner and tonite the crazy bird flew the coop!...He was last seen flying out the window at North 11th & Roebling, headed in the direction of the Roebling Oil Field. We're hoping he took refuge there for the night. But if you're wandering around Williamsburg and see a funny little cockatoo, please get in touch.
All's well that ends well, however. Early this morning we got an email that Sugar was recovered unharmed. Otherwise, if you believe in the power of prayer, say a couple for Bad Advice in terms of the impending Giant Fart Cloud Building's demise

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