Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Battle of the Beans: Brooklyn Coffee War Brewing?


Yesterday, we posted about the new Brooklyn Bean that is opening at Fourth Avenue and Carroll Street. Brownstoner posted about it too, noting that it is an offshoot of Cuppa Cuppa in the East Village and has nothing to do with Brookyn Bean & Tea Company on Atlantic Avenue. Of course, we had assumed that the new Brooklyn Bean was an offshoot of the Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn Bean. Wrong. We got an email yesterday afternoon from the owner of (the Atlantic Avenue) Brooklyn Bean & Tea Company pointing out that the two Brooklyn Beans have nothing to do with each other. The email from Jeremy Lugo simply said:
hello I am the owner of Brooklyn Bean and Tea Co. on atlantic avenue...and i just wanted to clarify that there is no relation to the new Brooklyn Bean opening up on 4th ave.
We emailed him back asking him if another cafe with the same name was a problem for him and he did not respond. So, the question is, is Brooklyn big enough to have two Brooklyn Beans or is an Espresso War, you know, brewing. Fourth Avenue Brooklyn Bean vs. Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn Bean. Will one of the beans blink? Will they coexist? Will there be a Queens Bean? Are we the only ones that find the name thing odd? Stay tuned.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's not coffee percolating, that's the sound of a few lawyers salivating.

10:33 AM  
Blogger Gringcorp said...

I must say, I like the sound of Ozzies' franchise evaporating. Those kids are always so stoned. Still, nothing here to entice me away from Gorilla for now.

11:28 AM  
Blogger Taksa said...

I live on the block and I am thrilled to have a coffee shop, instead of the noisy car service that used to be on this corner (Family Car moved down the block on Carroll.) Yet I do have to say that when I saw "Brooklyn Bean" painted on the construction fence, I was really taken aback. Could this name be any more generic and unmemorable?! There're already so many spots with names nearly like this one. At least it doesn't have the ubiquitous "& Co." after it, or any of those trendy yet by-now-nearly-meaningless "fair trade" and "organic" monikers.

8:37 AM  

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