Thursday, November 01, 2007

For the Record: A Detailed, Scary Coney Rendering

2007_10_Scary Coney

In case you missed this over at Kinetic Carnival or Curbed yesterday, we find this rendering of a possible future for Coney Island utterly riveting in a bad car crash sort of way. We understand that it from a scheme that is no longer the working one, yet the scale of the new development and some of the design ideas are worth viewing at this level of detail. Note the height of the buildings at street level, the "canyon effect," and the scale of the towers. (Also,the blue water.) Time and again we have posted about the height of the buildings that are in the Thor Coney Island proposal and this rendering shows in a very graphic way what some of the opponents of the plan are concerned about.

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Blogger gary said...

Coney Island Death Star?

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