Monday, November 05, 2007

Shooting in the Burg: Ghost Town

Ghost Town Sign

First the premise of Ghost Town: A "misanthrophic dentist" having a colonoscopy dies for seven minutes. According to IMDB, when he comes back to life, "he can see the dead and is bothered by the ghost of a businessman who wants the dentist to break up the impending marriage of the ghost's wife." Among the stars are Tea Leoni and Greg Kinnear. It's shooting on Tuesday (11/6) in Williamsburg and the area that will be impacted runs from Metropolitan Avenue to N. 4th Street and Kent Avenue to Berry. There's an accompanying sign about how if your car is "relocated" from any of these streets you can call to find out where it now lives, etc. Dream Works, which is producing the film, appreciates your understanding both about having your car relocated and about a plot involving a semi-deadly colonoscopy that leads to seeing ghosts.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hollywood treats Williamsburg residents like crap. They show up and light up a street all night with search lights for their friggin flims and don't give a shit that families live here with kids and everything who might like to sleep peacefully in their homes with out some huge light aimed in their bedroom windows--on a whole friggin block! They say well you all should be grateful to Hollywood seeming as they think they are slumming it in Williamsburg and be happy all the business it brings to the Burg! Bullshit, the city get a check and the local residents get crap and alot of attitude from the Hollywood directors/staff.

Thanks for the heads up, I will rally some of the locals to help disrupt their about a little local marching band action...Time is money for Hollywood lets take our pound of flesh!

Right back at ya Hollywood! and why don't you make some decent films instead of crap? Dreamworks is a bust.

8:48 AM  

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