Thursday, November 08, 2007

Upcoming: Newtown Creek Alliance Benefit Raffle

newtown cree alliance

If you want to help out people trying to help out Newtown Creek, then you might consider a benefit raffle tonight (11/8) at the Diamond bar in Greenpoint for the Newtown Creek Alliance. First Prize is 2 tickets to see Van Halen at Madison Square Garden on November 13. Second Prize is a $50 bar tab at The Diamond. And Third Prize is a $25 bar tab at The Diamond. Tickets are $5 each, and only 100 tickets are being raffled. Union Beer Distributors is matching total ticket sales with an equal contribution to the Newtown Creek Alliance. So if all 100 tickets are sold, the Alliance will get $1,000. The drawing is tonight at 10PM and tickets are available at The Diamond, 43 Franklin Street between Calyer & Quay in Greenpoint.

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many of doc are in the nationnal archives in nyc on veric st the 12 fl in rg 181

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