Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Fart Cloud Building Cutting Major Cheese Again

The crew taking down 5 Roebling Street in Williamsburg, aka the Giant Fart Cloud Building, is back on the job and neighbors are again suffering through severed cable TV lines and a general fear of being made homeless. Blogger Bad Advice is those telling us what it's like to live in an old building next to one being torn down, and it isn't pretty. (Note to developers: When one of the neighbors has a blog that is picked up and linked expect news of the tear down and collateral damage to travel rather widely.) Curiously, the Department of Buildings website continues to show a Partial Stop Work Order on the project that was imposed last month. (We will assume the site hasn't been updated?) Here's what Bad Advice wrote late yesterday to go along with the photo above:
Not content to tear down the building they're supposed to be demolishing, MMG [the demolition contractor] has taken the first official steps towards wrecking my home! WTF?!?
Compared to fear of being made homeless, this next bit from an earlier post is just background color, yet it's still interesting:
No sooner had MMG wandered back to the work site next door (well, officially—unofficially, they've been there off and on for weeks) to erect a "safety fence," than my internet went out. I looked out my window and down to the backyard and saw that the fence butted right up against my cable wires. Though I didn't actually see them do it, it seems pretty obvious that my wiring got in the path of MMG's destruction. Once again, my neighbor has no phone, and I have no internet.
The full post is a great read too.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait until construction starts then you'll really lose your mind.

Here's some good advice: MOVE!!

11:35 PM  

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