Friday, December 14, 2007

Finger Fight: Opponents Plan Appeal of Ruling

Earlier this week, the obscure yet powerful Board of Standards and Appeals okayed the continued construction of the Finger Building on N. 7th Street in Williamsburg to ten stories. (The growth of the building to 16 stories is in the hands of a judge and a legal appeal. A decision in February denied the 16-story height. A final decision has not been made.) Opponents are now planning to file an appeal of the BSA decision having gotten a formal letter from the Department of Buildings. Here's an excerpt from the letter:
The permit is valid as it was issued based on approved plans that reflect access to open space on the same zoning lot. While we understand that you are claiming that the residents will not have access to the rooftop spaces, the applicants believed that they did have a right to such access. Upon learning that owners of these rooftops were taking the position that they would not grant access, the Department issued a Stop Work Order that limits work beyond the 10th story. If after all the court appeals are concluded the applicant can not guarantee access to the rooftops, the applicant may file a Post Approval Amendment to amend the plans to ten stories, a height that will not need access to the rooftops for purposes of compliance with the open space requirements, or the permit will be revoked.
In plain English, Finger construction can continue to ten stories and, if a judge okays the great height, is good to go to 16. Meanwhile, an appeal of this week's ruling is in the works. The Finger saga continues.

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