Monday, December 17, 2007

Gl Brooklyn Holiday Gift Guide: Calendar Edition

We're going to roll out a couple of more installments of our Brooklyn Holiday Gift Guide this week, angled of course, to the last minuteish shopper. We figured we'd start with some Brooklyn-related calendars, given that they have to be ordered online. Check shipping policies and availability before ordering, of course:

I Heart Brooklyn Girls. This 2008 version of this calendar features Brooklyn girls posing in Coney Island. Actually, it's "12 neighborhood queer femmes."

Coney Island Sand in Their Shoes. For a slightly more sedate Coney Island '08 calendar might we suggest this one featuring some very cool photos of Coney?

Where Seasons Come to Life. Does someone you know like flora and fauna? Then, the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens 2008 calendar might be just the thing for them.

Wild Parrots of Brooklyn. Did you know there was a Brooklyn Parrots calendar? Neither did we until we came across it. It could be the ideal gift for the Brooklyn Parrot lover in your life.

Sheepshead Bay Calendar. Granted the Sheepshead Bay '08 calendar is more geographically-oriented than most, but if someone is a fan of Sheepshead Bay or is from that neighborhood, you this calendar full of nice pics could be the thing.

2008 Greetings from Coney Island Calendar. This Coney Calendar from the Coney Island USA Gift Shop features vintage post card photos of Coney Island. Nice stuff for the Coney lovers in one's life.

Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra 2008. This is another entry in our "who knew" category. Pics of the symphony combined with some Brooklyn shots.

Brooklyn 2008. From the same local photographer who produced the Sheepshead Bay calendar, this one gets around a bit more, although the focus is still pretty waterfront shots.



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