Monday, December 03, 2007

Gravity Thwarted on Grand Street?

Grand Street Crack Three

Never mind that the building on Grand Street that is being demolished and almost self-demolished is now very braced. You still get an unsettling feeling looking up at the wall that started to crack away recently and appears to have come very close to making some building collapse headlines. Brooklyn 11211 first noted the Crack Problem on Grand Street on Friday. We stopped by over the weekend and found it quite impressive, and also found a News 12 car parked outside. The building dates to the mid-19th Century and apparently started to succumb to vibrations from demolition or simply decided to end it all on its own terms. The project also earned a Stop Work Order, but for expired permit rather than the crack problem. A 14-story Karl Fischer "Monster Tower" will be flipping major bird to the neighborhood rising here and iving Grand Street a bold new look.

Grand Street Crack Two

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

today 12/4/2007 the NYC gov has a crew out --contractors from Queens-- digging up the sidewalks along Grand Steet in Williamburg around Bedford Ave putting in Trees...yep in dead of winter with freezing temps. The holes they dig are only 3 ft deep or so, hard to see how the tress will have a chance....maybe the City just had some extra cash to blow? why not something useful like say enviromental tests in Williamsburg?

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