Sunday, December 09, 2007

On the Sofa: GL Reader Comments

Once a week, we light to highlight a few comments left by GL readers during the past seven days. Here are some of this week's choices:

An Important Meeting for Admirals Row. "I work at Steiner Studios occasionally and there is nothing as thrilling as riding my bike past the guard and zooming past the giant boat sheds and seeing Admirals Row through the chain link. The presidio, in San Francisco was a ghost town for years before it was saved and the buildings reused for housing and LucasFilm. The pet cemetary is even still there. Look, when the war ended, who was gonna fix up Admiral's Row when the vets needed cute little ranch houses and medical care? What I am saying is, yes, it is a travisty, but NYC don't know what they got 'til it's gone... If there is a will there is a way." [Anonymous]

Do You Have Any "Thank You For Shoveling Cards"? "I have to wonder if we really need to thank people for following the law. Maybe tickets for those who don't shovel would be a more appropriate way to get the point across." [Ben K.]

A Lot of Digging & Shaking at 340 Court in Carroll Gardens. "If a Bu...EXCAVATOR showed up near your property and your house began to shake wouldn't you call to report it? I figure the more press this project gets the more Clarett will keep the building under control. I live near this corner. And if that is developer propaganda, glad you are reading the voices of the people who will have to deal with the construction for the next 3 years.(in the summer we will have to keep our windows shut) All I can truely say is: design it appropriatly, get permits, give the old timers some of that court yard, say, a bench or two. Why not be the developer that people like! And a heads up on borings to the neighbors would have been a step in the right direction!" [Anonymous]

Old & New: Friends or Frenemies on Union Street? "Yes, Yes. It's a Town House. and with the Miami ref, they must mean NEW Miami, not Art Deco Miami. This new building on union has adonized aluminum railings. like on the deck of a yacht. Many buildings in Florida have that nautical thing going on. It could be "Bavarian" but I trust you mean Functionalist or perhaps De Stijl, for there are no turrets or carved bears or heraldic motifs most associated with Bavaria on this building. After walking inside the place one day, I can tell that the designer had a faux Asian/Zen idea in mind. All that quasi mid-century modern/subzero fridge crap that attract yuppies. ya know? If there were decent window frames and the green paint brought down a few shades, it would disappear..." [Anonymous]



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha Ha. I love it. I am 3 of those Anonymous postings!

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