Sunday, December 23, 2007

On the Sofa: GL Reader Comments

Every Sunday, we like to take a look at a few comments that GL readers have left during the previous week. Here's a selection from the last seven days:

Burg's Giant Fart Cloud Demolition is a Scary Mess. "A similar situation is going down on bedford ave. near reel life, on the same side of the street. these old NYC buildings were not meant to be pried apart after a century of being stuck together. especially when authorities don't give a shit about the normal people being affected by it." [Kate]

End of the Notary District: Russo Realty Falling. "Where's all the outrage? Isn't this a precious part of precious Brooklyn history? Anyone? Underground railroad? Irish migration? Italian-American history? The Notary Public Museum?" [Anonymous]

Another Look at Fifth Ave.'s Closing Donuts Coffee Shop. "I hate everyone. This story has tugged at my heartstrings for weeks. Park Slope should be sent packing to West 81st street where it belongs...Is nothing sacred?" [Anonymous]



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