Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pacific St. Sinking Hole Update: 'Like a Demolition Derby'

There's more information about that yawning hole in Pacific Street between Nevins and Bond from a couple of Boerum Hill Yahoo Group emails. It is not pretty. First, this description:
It is like a demolition derby out there this morning. Cars that hit it full-on smash their front ends into the depression and wreck their rims. Until the street is closed and it is dug up all the way down to the city sewer main to fix whatever has happened, this demolition derby will continue.
And, then, this fascinating detail:
I counted 26 cars between 6am and 8am that almost certainly damaged their front end. Luckily no one hit any parked cars. I went down and put my last remaining traffic cone in the crater; within 10 minutes someone had taken it, just like the last time. Question; why do people steal traffic cones?

By 8:45 the Figliola truck was outside and they were shovelling loose roadway material into the crater. As if this will do anything. By tonight it will sink again and tomorrow will be another demolition derby.

The only redeeming value in this exercise is that the 3am speeders get a very, very rude surprise when they hit a 2 foot deep crater at 40 miles per hour. It almost worth it just to see them inspecting the damage to their cars. Perhaps they will drive more slowly in the future, after they spend $1,000 repairing their cars.
Sounds like a great situation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No pics of the actual crater?

10:07 AM  
Blogger akachris said...

eI wouldn't be surprised if it was some lawyer's lackey taking the traffic cone so he/she could sue the city about the pothole.

12:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That picture's funny. That should teach at least one bling worshipper that big rims and low-profile tires don't belong on city streets.

10:11 PM  

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