Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Brooklyn Nibbles: 2nd St. Cafe Sadness, Laila Closed Too, Frozen Yogurt on Seventh Ave.?

A followup and a more tidbits from that wild frontier of retail and dining excitement, Park Slope:

1) Reaction to the closing of 2nd Street Cafe in Park Slope has been mostly one of dismay, if not anger. One reader writes, "This was my one of my favorite reasons to go to my girlfriend's neighborhood...Hopefully they'll put in a Ruby Tuesdays so Park Slope will have a 'New,' 'Edgy' vibe or at least somewhere that will be over $30 a plate so i'll know i'm earning my well spent money in style." But not everyone is shedding tears, one of our readers writes: "This was one of the worst restaurants I've ever been in - period. The place was more like a bad day care center. My only concern is that the parents and the screaming kids will now be invading more civilized dining spots. At least with 2nd St Cafe, they were quarantined." There are many comments over at Brooklynian.

2) The South Slope's Laila, from which we once got an order of hummus with a staple (small, and already stapled closed) inside, is closed. The Middle Eastern restaurant was on Seventh Avenue at Fifteenth Street, which unlike the northern stretch of the avenue around Third Street, has seen a lot of openings the last few months. No word on a replacement for Laila, which had both fans and detractors. Us, we sort of soured on it after our staple experience.

3) The empty storefront on Seventh Avenue north of Union Street and south of Berkeley that is between the mediocre Indian restaurant Amin's and a liquor store is said to be heading toward opening some sort of food etablishment. One rumor on Brooklynian.com says it will be a frozen yogurt establishment. Given that Tasty Delight is down the block on Union Street and Oko is on Fifth Avenue that would leave a retailer whose name begins with Pink as a possibility if it is, in fact, a frozen yogurt emporium.

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