Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Coney Island #3: What is Coney Island CLEAR?

One of the interesting things about the Coney Island meetings this week is an organization that is calling itself Coney Island CLEAR. A poster on the Coney Island Message Board named Tricia made this observation from the Monday meeting:
The other interesting thing was a lot of people wearing shirts that said "Coney Island Clear" on the front and a slogan about jobs on the back. Someone sitting next to me said they were giving out the shirts in the lobby as you came in but I was late so I didnt see it. A few people wearing the shirts gave speeches and they seemed very sincere- basically they were asking for jobs. Good jobs. Their speeches sounded like their own words, not a prewritten script. Yet I wanted to ask who paid for the shirts and founded what one speaker referred to as “a new organization.”
We know we'll be hearing more.



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