Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Le Deep Discount at Both Le Bleu in Gowanus & Le Jolie in Burg

Le Bleu Pep Boys

Chalk it up to the mid-January slump, perhaps, but both Hotel Le Bleu in Gowanus and Hotel Le Jolie in Williamsburg have slashed their rates for "winter sales." Rooms at both establishments are available for as little as $139 a night. We say this as a way of saying that prices for the time being are waaaay down. The biggest price cut is at Le Bleu, where rooms were in the mid-$300s after opening. Our friend Gabby Warshawer, in fact, provided an entertaining history of pricing at Le Bleu on Brownstoner yesterday. Some Le Jolie rooms are down to $139 a night as well, but bear in mind that "Elite" room with view of the city rather than the BQE will set one back $169 a night. Looks like the Le Bleu rates--at least, right now--creep back up later in January and in February, but the cheaper rates at Le Jolie (where the front desk is said to be behind bullet proof plexiglass) are good through the end of February.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Le bleu is my bĂȘte noire.

I can't believe they built that merde one block from my house.

11:33 AM  

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