Monday, January 28, 2008

No Day of Rest at 340 Court, as Application is Filed

340 Court

When we passed by the 340 Court Street development site late Saturday afternoon (the site of come contentious asbestos removal, among other things) on our way back from the Idiotarod finish line in Red Hook, all was quiet. Not so on Sunday, however. Our special Carroll Gardens-Cobble Hill correspondent reported early yesterday (when people shouldn't have to be emailing about this kind of thing) that it was very busy:
Today, a Sunday, they were at it again at 340 Court. Windows and doors were covered in billowing visquine on the top floor and a loud generator was heard roaring away, all the way down on the street!
In the meantime, demolition is expect to start soon, although permits have not been issued. Department of Buildings records do so, however, that an application for a new building was filed last week by Rogers Marvel Architects. The application is for a permit to build a seven-story building with 106,125 square feet. Residents have complained that the developer--the Clarett Group--has not shown the design to anyone in the community or consulted with them about the plans.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok Rogers Marvel, are you a licensed architect? How do you feel about non union labor? Please, show us what you have up your sleeves. A glass and cement richard meire fake? A brentwood cluster? a paramus strip mall? Please, we are all very interested...

8:23 AM  
Blogger Gian said...

Notes from a meeting of community residents and politicians posted on CGUnion wiki (in left-hand table under "12/21 Clarett Meeting Notes."

"Mr. Hollander declined a request from Gian Trotta to provide a copy of the massing diagram to posts online for other residents to see, on grounds that they feel the design is not finalized enough. Noted that building by committee makes ugly buildings such as those at Columbia University built in last two decades which are less-than-desirable results of architecture by committee."

1:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmmmm 1:15,

"the design is not finalized enough"....that sounds i know where I heard that line!...It has been the excuse d'annee de 36o Smith Street design a.k.a. the award winning, I can't wait to see it, Scarano building since last June 28 when the "first" approvals were granted by the DOB to him and developer Billy a.k.a. "William" Stein..See Scarano website for all the juicy, award winning details, and help me, please, find the right name for this particular award please!

6:26 PM  

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