Tuesday, January 15, 2008

PM Update: Important Info for Park Slope Credit Card Fraud Victims

A GL reader left this important information about how to report instances of credit card fraud that readers may believe to have originated in Park Slope. There have been more than six dozen reports on Park Slope Parents, GL and Brooklynian of cards being counterfeited and used around the country. If this has happened to you, Detective Shy at the 78th Precinct is investigating the fraud cases. He can be reached at 718-636-6411. Victims will be asked to submit a list of local businesses where cards have been used in the last three months.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Better to contact your bank, ask for a dispute form or affadavit, and go to the station to file a report. I just called Dt. Shy, and he had no idea his number had been posted on the web.

10:01 AM  

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