Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Broken Window Theory: Dean Street Edition

We don't know if cases of vandalism and weirdness like people taking craps on the street are more common to Boerum Hill than some Brooklyn neighborhoods or if we just happen to catch more of the emails, but here's a little story about a rock going through someone's window from the Boerum Hill Yahoo group's email stream:
About an hour ago we heard glass breaking. It turned out to be our living room window and storm window. Someone had hurled a large rock with great force thru both panes. This is the second time in a month. We called the 84th precinct and reported this incident. This afternoon when we were walking down the block (Dean between Bond and Nevins) we noticed another house that had a broken parlor window. So I'm wondering if this has happened to anyone else??? Also, can anyone recommend a glazier?
If it's not one thing, it's another.

(Note: the window pictured is not tone of the broken Dean Street windows.)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

This happened on my block (Wyckoff between Nevins and Bond-which actually looks like the house in the photo) at 9AM about 3 weeks ago. The guy who did climbed into the parlor floor window and tried to steal a laptop and some other stuff, but he got caught by the cops in the back yards about 6 houses down from where he started. Some of the other neighbors called them when they saw him in their backyard. I would hate to think that he's on the street already.

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