Saturday, February 02, 2008

New Brooklyn Blog: Art Dog

Art Dog Blog

The Carroll Gardens development battle over the building at 360 Smith Street has spawned many things, including a neighborhood group that has agitated for a downzoning and development moratorium and the wall we named "The Democracy Wall." This is about the latter. Apparently the person who goes by "Art Dog" and has created many of the grassroots posters has started a blog called....drum roll...Art Dog to tell the story. Art Dog describes himself as follows:
I am an erudite Brooklynite though I was born a common street mutt...I worked my way up the ladder after my parents insisted I attend Columbia University. My major was "Film" but I lacked the looks and stature for the leading roles I sought in Tinseltown. After much hemming and hawing, I decided to settle back home in Gowanus, where I was born to a single Mom, and start an organic, vegetarian dog chow business which I run today. My puppies are all schooled at home and my bitch (I mean my wife) has her Doctorate in Animal Psychology from NYU.
We can guarantee one thing about the Art Dog blog: It will be fun to look at and colorful. Check out Art Dog.

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