Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Williamsburg Purple 53: From Bedford Ave. to a Southern Farm

2008_02_Purple 53 NC

Purple53, the purple truck occupied by artist Angel Hess that had been in Williamsburg since October 2006, is now on a farm in North Carolina. We got an email and photos from Mr. Hess yesterday and he's also posting about the road trip on his blog. We have to say that after seeing the truck parked in a lot at N. 11 Street and Bedford Avenue for a year, it made us smile to see it parked on farm with a llama cutout in the frame. Purple53 left New York on Friday. Mr. Hess writes:
Purple53 is in NC on a farm. They've got emu, goats, chickens, lama, and all sorts of animals; its a nice place. I found the owner on craigslist and asked if I could stay for a week; I'm traveling south.
Godspeed Purple53. We'll be waiting on updates.

Winterpast Farm



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