Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bklink: Strollers & Skateboards

Are the skateboarders in front of Homage on Smith Street a menace and does skatboarding on Bergen Street make driving a nightmare? Or, is the real nuisance the parade of strollers and the mindboggling jam in front of the Tea Lounge on Court Street? There are many opinions, including nearly 80 comments.--Curbed

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my god. If anyone has any time, skim through those comments. So FUNNY and sadly, true. I once got stopped for riding my bike on the sidewalk at 5 AM! The skate board kids are brave. Smith street sidewalks aren't that smooth. It is annoying and the fact that the Homage people don't say anything is very LA. The stroller/skateboard combo is even worse. But, at least the sk8terboyz are cute and will stop if you glare at them, the stroller moms are mean and bored. As if they pulled the short straw. executive job for me! With the weather warming, expect more cluster f--ks. I will say one thing, with all the packs waiting for the bus on Union and Smith street, going towards Park Slope, one mother actually apologized for hogging the sidewalk. But, she didn't move the kid or stroller..weird. Was it this bad in the 50s?

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