Friday, March 28, 2008

Bklink: Tower of Fun

One of the NYPD's traveling Towers of Fun has come to Dumbo in response to an increase in crime in the neighborhood. "The NYPD deployed Sky Watch yesterday, a 'mobile platform for surveillance, assessment, and response' on Front Street between Adams and Pearl Street in Dumbo Brooklyn. We haven’t had a chance to check with NYPD how long they’ll be there, but could this be a result of the recent crime in Dumbo and Vinegar Hill? The menacing looking Sky Watch has high powered sensors, cameras, mics, and spotlights and was rolled out to high crime areas of Crown Heights and Harlem in 2006. We’ve seen a lot more foot patrol in the area since the Precinct meeting last week, which is great, but is this over the top?"--Dumbo NYC

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