Monday, March 24, 2008

Coney Madness #2: Signs of Life on Empty Sitt Property

Games Open Again

On Saturday, we picked up an item from the Coney Island Message Board that said developer Joe Sitt was planning to use the big parcel of land he cleared last winter for carnival rides and games this season and will be reopening games in a building he kept closed last year. One Coney hand we asked said that the rumor mill is indicating that Mr. Sitt will have something on the property, but that most people are taking a "we'll believe it when we see it" attitude. On Saturday, we found one game set up in an opening in Mr. Sitt's big blue fence and that one of the balloon games that had been shut down had been reopened. Anything that would reinject some life into the stretch made desolate by Mr. Sitt's demolition work would be welcome. Last year, the property was used for a few days for a circus and also for thinly-attended film showings. A big inflatable water slide across the street was widely regarded as a dud.

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