Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Coolest Coney Event of the Year?

Lola Staar at Coney Island

We are very happy for Dianna Carlin, the Coney Island entrepreneur known as Lola Staar, who is opening her Dreamland Roller Rink in the historic Childs Building on the Boardwalk on Saturday night (3/22). Readers might recall that Ms. Carlin was nearly put out of business by developer Joe Sitt and we had many conversations with her at the time about her predicament. Ultimately, she signed a new lease on her store without the gag order the developer had tried to force on her. She has long talked about her dream of opening a roller rink in Coney and is one of its biggest boosters. Yesterday, the New York Observer described her as "the accidental Queen of Coney Island." Here's what she's written about the new venture:
At this very moment, the crisp ocean breeze is aglow with an air of carnival excitement as the enormous disco ball is being lifted into ceiling of the glorious, historic, Childs Building in Coney Island (on the Boardwalk at W. 21st Street) in anticipation of Saturday's Roller Skating Extravaganza!! The colorfully draped ceiling refelect the glittering spinning lights as the historic Childs Building in Coney Island is being transformed into Lola Staar's Dreamland Roller Rink!!
Ashanti, the "Princess of Hip Hop and R&B" and Grammy Award winner as well as actress Marissa Tomei will join Lola in an "Opening Performance Spectacle which will amaze and astound you on Saturday!" Briana Winter, who has written a Lola Staar theme song, will also perform. As will Lola Staar's Heartthrob Skate Dancers. DJ Momotaro will "be spinning the hot Disco, 80s classics and New Wave tunes on the turntables!!" Also, there will be Stilt Walkers, Hula Hoopers, Skate Dancers!

We are thrilled for Dianna. We are beyond happy to see life return to the magnificent Child's Building. And, we're serious in saying that we think Saturday's opening is going to kick some serious Coney Island ass.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

awww thanks!

hope to see you on the rink Mr. Gowanus Lounge!! I know you have a bit of Roller Disco in you waiting to emerge!!


9:31 PM  
Blogger JackSzwergold said...

Pretty cool! I really hope this is a sign of great things for the 2008 Coney Island season.

2:40 AM  

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