Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fifth Avenue Big Dig is a Bit Behind Schedule

Fifth Avenue Info

The GL reader that originally let us know that one-way signs had been put up on Fifth Avenue in Sunset Park, which led to more information about the big dig, found more info about the project. As it turns out it was supposed to start last summer and won't be finished until sometime in 2010. The work will run from 24th Street to 34th Street. Part of the city's document is above. Here is what he wrote:
I found out that this project was slated to start last summer and finish in spring 2009. There is a well made, yet cryptic, explanation of the project here. Just look under brooklyn, Reconstruction of 5th Avenue from 24 St. to 34 St., Brooklyn -- HWK732C. By the way, this is probably a good web site to check before moving into any neighborhood just to make sure they won't be ripping out the street and sidewalk right outside the window of your new apartment. The best part of the brochure is where it tells people with special needs to contact the project manager immediately-- guess if you're blind or in a wheelchair don't expect to leave the house until 2009.
Just think, when the entire project is done around 2035, it will be time to start over.



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