Sunday, March 09, 2008

Fifth Avenue One-Way Update

On Friday, we posted a reader's photo and questions about one-way signs that had appeared on Fifth Avenue in Sunset Park. One reader left a comment that some type of construction might be taking place and that the street--which is in wretched condition--was going to be repaved. Yesterday, another reader answered the question with some information on the MTA/New York City Transit website. LizD wrote that "As a regular rider of the B63 I've seen notices in the buses that Northbound 5th Ave between 39th st and 20th st will be closed effective March 10, 2008, indefinitely. I've heard through the grapevine that it's for road reconstruction. The Northbound B63 will be re-routed onto 4th Ave. The MTA/NYC Transit web site has the details." Indeed the website says the B63's northbound service will be "rerouted due to construction on 5 Av between 20 and 39 Sts. Effective Mon, March 10, 2008 until further notice." The B63 will run on Fourth Avenue from 39th Street to 20th Street and return to Fifth Ave. Also, we forgot to mention it on Friday, but what's up with the placement of the Do Not Enter sign sideways?

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Blogger Escape from Sunset Park said...

It's wonderful living in a city that leaves its residents in the dark about things that have been in the planning for 20 years! 5th Avenue from 24th to 34th Street is going to be torn open for the city to inspect and where needed replace the sewer (waste water) and water (supply) pipes. The job is scheduled to last 18 to 24 months with cash incentives to the contractor to finish earlier. This job is part of a much larger job that extends the entire length of 5th avenue. Bay Ridge was done a few years back - the disruption was awful. The heart of the Sunset Park shopping district will be done when the current job is finished. It will be a nightmare for the mom & pop type stores that have a very low profit margin - their loss of business will be devastating. Your observations of the current work and ideas on how the business district can survive the coming construction would be appreciated - call the Sunset Park Business Improvement District at 718 439-7767.

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