Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hope for Loew's Kings in Flatbush

The status of the rehab of the Loew's Kings Theater in Flatbush has been a mystery for a while, but today's Post seems to confirm a report that appeared on Brooklyn Junction back in January that there is significant progress in finding a developer. In January, Brooklyn Junction noted that a "major" operator was interested in theater. Today, the Post notes that the city "has begun soliciting bids" for the theater, although efforts have actually been underway since 2006 to find a developer. The 79-year-old theater closed in 1978 and has been deteriorating ever since. The bigger project would involve air rights, a big parking lot, "a boutique hotel" and retail. The Post puts the cost of rehabbing the theater at $70 million, which is double figures that have been previously noted.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I actually have been inside this place. Years ago there was an illegal tour of it and surrounding buildings that once were homes to movie stars of the silent era. When I was inside, there was no light but there was a hole in the roof over the stage and the silver screen was a rumpled, pigeon dropping mess on the floor. The plaster detail was still on the balconies. Nice neo gothic stuff and frescos on the walls. How much of this remains, I don't know. There was a fake foam banister glued onto the original banister heading upstairs to the mezzanine. It was put there by the Sophie's Choice film crew. The 8ft tall chandeliers were still hanging in the lobby and I found an old ticket stub from one of the last shows before it closed. I had my camera but..too dark.

11:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hasn't changed since I saw it. Here are some images from flickr.

3:18 PM  

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