Wednesday, March 05, 2008

LPC Sends Domino Designers Back to Drawing Board

2008_02_Domino Factory
[Rendering courtesy of Rafael Viñoly Architects]

The Landmarks Preservation Commission considered the proposed changes to the landmarked Domino Plant in Williamsburg yesterday, and told the architects to come back with a different design. The WGPA blog brought news of the hearing yesterday afternoon. New Domino architect Rafael Viñoly even appeared at the hearing, but it was Beyer Blinder Belle, which produced the design that includes a glass box at the top, whose work was the focus yesterday. The Beyer architects compared their work to a variety of structures including the Tate Modern, but the feedback was not entirely positive. Some LPC members felt addition was either "too tall," "not the right design" or too "tame." Other said it needs to be "more visionary" and emphasize the "industrial rigor" of the landmark, whatever the latter might mean. Domino Plant V. 2.0 to come.

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