Friday, March 07, 2008

Park Slope Friday Focus #1: Purity Diner Closed (Temporarily)

Purity Renovations

Yes, for a minute there, we thought another one Seventh Avenue had met its maker, but a look at the sign revealed that the Purity Diner is closed from March 3-11 for renovations. Until then, visitors to patients at Methodist Hospital and everyone else that wants a Purity fix either have to go to Little Purity down the street or find another dinerlike option. Seventh Avenue remains a hotbed of intrigue and excitement.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

If folks want their eggs over easy they can go to the 24-hour donuts place on 7th Ave at 8th St, or the Greasy Corner at 4th St and 7th Avenue.
Also on 7th Avenue next to the Grecian corner and across from John Jay is the old Inaka Sushi restaurant that's been out of business for the past few months.
Some permit-less [probably illegal] work has gone on there.
You should look into it.

10:48 AM  

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