Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Red Hook Surprise: It's an Ikea!

Ikea with Crane

The ongoing mystery of what is happening on Beard Street in Red Hook has been solved: Signage indicates that it's an Ikea. (If you are just tuning in to this program, which has been in progress for a number of years, just kidding. We realized this when the building started turning blue and yellow....) The store, which will have 500 jobs, is slated to open in summer, most likely in August.

Ikea Sign_2

Ikea Entrance Sign

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i want to throw up.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ironically, The NYC EDC just released a report from their waterfront oversight committee. It was determined that the NYC area needs two new graving docks to meet the growing demand for ship and vessel repair. This increased demand is due to the anticipated growth and importance of the NY Harbor's working waterfront and its significant role in providing an infrastructure for our transportation and commerce systems.

The non-water-dependent use of an IKEA displacing a functional graving dock just shows us where our values lie.

8:48 AM  

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