Thursday, April 24, 2008

Big Tagging in Williamsburg

Big Tag Building Wythe

Some very big and noticeable tags have been appearing on the sides of buildings in Williamsburg the last couple of weeks. Two of them below, on Marcy Avenue and on N. 11 Street are clearly the work of the same person. The "Curtis" on Wythe Avenue would appear to have been done independently. The first of these that came to our attention was a huge "Moral" tag a couple of stories tall in Red Hook. Overall, we'd say that tagging, graffiti and street art are much diminished in Williamsburg from what they were even two years ago. Well, the tagging and graffiti are being removed much more quickly and the amount of street art has absolutely plummeted.

Big Tag Marcy Avenue

Big Tag N11



Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can you put this sort of S@#$/graffiti in the same category as art .
It is merely dogs marking their territory.
There is nothing creative , inspiring about some A-hole writing their name "really big ".
You sully the great names of Dondi , Ali, and Taki 183 by calling this graffiti .

7:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

its not about the outcome, its the process.

its thinkin.. i could put paint in a fire extinguisher and write real big.

itll evolve and itll look good so your yuppie ass can buy it from a gallery and say oh wow im soo hip i love street art. go home.

8:51 PM  

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