Tuesday, April 08, 2008

DOT Planning Vanderbilt Ave. Bike Lanes, Landscaped Median

Two years ago the city made changes to Vanderbilt Avenue in Prospect Heights to "calm" traffic, including creating medians and left turn lanes. The changes cut accidents with pedestrians and bicyclists among other things. Now, the Department of Transportation is planning a redesign of Vanderbilt between Dean Street and Grand Army Plaza that will include bikes lanes and Green Streets medians. DOT will present the plan to Community Board 8 on Thursday (4/10) at 7PM. The changes include bike lanes connecting Bergen and Dean lanes with Plaza Street and the entrance to Prospect Park, landscaped pedestrian crossings at Park Place, Bergen Street and Dean Street and a raised and landscaped median between Prospect Place and St. Marks Avenue. The meeting will take place at the Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation, 727 Classon Avenue, which is between Park Place and Prospect Place.

[Photo courtesy of Streets Blog]

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Blogger Scott said...

Rock. They should extend the bike lanes all the way up across Atlantic to make up for the Carlton bridge closing ...

1:01 PM  
Anonymous nesNYC said...

Everyone, quick! Go to Bedford Avenue between Atlantic and Myrtle every morning from 6am to about 10am. What will you notice? MASSIVE TRAFFIC JAMS!

When they eliminated the 3rd lane on Bedford, things actually got more dangerous for all involved plus this creates traffic jams midtown style in the AM.

Leave well enough alone, chopping up the streets to make them more "bike" friendly (politically correct) only creates headache for the morning commute. Buses have to travel on these roads too or is someone forgetting about that?

9:20 PM  

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