Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Holy BLT: Cheyenne Diner Moving to Red Hook

[Photo courtesy of Joe Holmes/flickr]

Manhattan's Cheyenne Diner--every single piece of it--is going to be moved to Red Hook. We read the item on Gothamist, which picked it up from amNY's Urbanite blog, about five times to make sure we weren't seeing things. We weren't. The diner, which like all good NYC diners, is being replaced by new development, was purchased by Mike O'Connell, who is the son of Greg O'Connell, a major player in the development of Red Hook. (He owns the building in which the Fairway is located and the warehouses across Van Brunt Street among other things.) Last year, the Moondance Diner was moved to Wyoming, so Red Hook is a closer destination. Greg O'Connell told the Urbanite: "I can’t begin to tell you how many people are excited about it in Red Hook. It’s a great thing, and my son is so excited over this." A press release that went out overnight says in part:
Preservationist Michael Perlman of Queens, who founded the Committee To Save The Moondance Diner in spring 2007, along with fellow Preservationist Kyle Supley of Brooklyn, have spared the Cheyenne Diner from oblivion, after sparing the Moondance last summer. Michael Perlman of the Committee To Save The Cheyenne Diner presented a proposal to property owner George Papas (owner of nearby Skylight Diner, 402 W 34th St, & developer for Cheyenne property) on closing day, Sun, Apr 6th, and effectively convinced him to work together. A 9-story condo is slated to rise on premise, which marked the end of the diner’s 68-year run for its Manhattan site.

Perlman states “It is rewarding that the Cheyenne will gain a new lease on life in Red Hook, Brooklyn, and will contribute to the appeal of an up & coming neighborhood. Keeping it within the 5 boroughs, especially in a time when NYC is losing its history, emphasizes how progress can be in the ideal sense. We take pride that Papas was sensitive to our proposal & extend our thanks, and also thank Mike O'Connell for taking on a noble cause. We proudly serve as a liaison from ‘moving day’ to its reopening and future.”
There is no word yet on where in Red Hook the Cheyenne will end up.



Blogger Brenda from Flatbush said...

Cool thing moves to cool place!!!

11:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a fantasy. Egg Creams in Red Hook. Please don't park next to the IKEA and ruin my view..

7:52 PM  

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