Thursday, April 03, 2008

Il Palazzo di Gravesend: the Venetian

Venetian Full

This is a building on Avenue P in Gravesend (near Ocean Parkway) that was featured yesterday on Curbed in both its rendering and under construction state It is being developed by Sitt Asset Management (no relationship to Joe Sitt and/or Thor Equities). It is called The Venetian and condos start at $1 million and go up to $4 million.



Blogger Erica said...

Yikes! Maybe that story in "The Onion" wasn't a joke, and aristocrats will start moving into Brooklyn.

Avenue P isn't exactly grungy inner city, but I sure as heck never thought of it as the next Central Park West, either.

9:54 AM  
Anonymous Action Jackson said...

WTF! Is suddenly Gravesend the Las Vegas of Brooklyn?


11:04 AM  

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