Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Owen Notes: Zebulon's Jazz in the 50s Feel

The ambiance at Zebulon, a small Williamsburg bar and cafe on Wythe Avenue, is very particular, from the small candlelit tables and hanging globes to the record covers hung along the walls. The decor is usually complemented by avant garde music and performance art, and the occasional noise rock band. But Zebulon also has more accessible acts, such as up and coming Francis and the Lights, indie favorite The Dirty Projectors and Richmond VA's Bio Ritmo, a salsa band that's a favorite because of their use of modern sounds within a traditional New York salsa framework. It's free to get in and see great music, but the drinks and snacks are quite expensive. This is the closest I've felt to what I imagine it was like to see jazz or salsa in New York in the 50s.



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