Friday, April 18, 2008

Upcoming: Indie Market Reopening for Season in Carroll Gardens

Brooklyn Indie Market

Brooklyn's Indie Market, which has a home at the corner of Smith and Union Streets, is reopening for the season on May 3 from 11AM-7PM with "Brooklyn Indie Fest, A Celebration of Design and Music." Here's some info:
Opening festivities include unplugged indie musicians, temporary tattoo parlour for kids of all ages, face painting, kiddie artisan-craft workshops by Stars and Sprinkles and BIM’s designers, giveaways and meet-and greet with indie designers...At the weekly Brooklyn Indie market, you will find handmade goodness such as jewelry by Wabisabi-Brooklyn, hats by Rocks and Salt, kids wear by Wonder Threads, and frocks by Melissa Bell. Please join us in the celebration of spring, community and supporting your local artisans and emerging designers.
From May-August, the market will operate on Saturdays from 11AM-7PM. From September to December it will take place on Saturdays and Sundays from 11AM-7PM. Check them out here.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

With all good intentions aside, this place is #1 an eyesore and #2 is worthless. Those red and white portable bunkers are really unappealing. People dump trash on that corner every day. It could have been a nice little sunny place with benches and a newsstand or a tiny coffee spot, but oh no, a cyclone fenced tent and red and white bunkers. If there were benches and tables, Fall Cafe could have made a killing.

8:25 AM  

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