Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Upcoming: More Talk About the G Train

In case you care about the G Train and didn't make it to last week's City Council Meeting, here's another chance to speak your mind. New York City Transit President Howard Roberts will be appearing at a forum tomorrow, April 16, from 5PM-7PM. It's the NYC Transit Riders Council, 2008 President's Forum on Subways. It takes place at 2 Broadway (between Beaver and Stone Streets) in the 20th Floor Auditorium. (Photo ID is required to get into the building.) Per an email: "Attendees must register in person by name and topic in order to speak. Speakers will be called by topic. Once all speakers on a topic have been heard, no further comments on that topic will be accepted. There is no advance registration." More info, as always, on the Save the G Blog.

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