Friday, April 04, 2008

Upcoming Reminder: Paint a Barrel on the Boardwalk

Boardwalk Barrels Flyer

Again, we've posted about this previously, but the Coney Island "Boardwalk Barrels of Fun" painting event is on Saturday (4/5). It starts at 10AM and runs through 2PM with judging at 1PM. (This is another event for which the forecast, assuming it holds, is less than promising.) It takes place between West 10th St. and West 12th St. Per the release: "Artists all of all ages will be painting the trash receptacles that will be used on the Boardwalk for the summer beach season. They will be adorned with seascapes, landscapes and carnival theme art in keeping with Coney Island’s colorful history. Participating artists will use their talents to beautify the Coney Island Boardwalk."

GL Analysis:
This is a wonderful event and the results will be on display for everyone to see, however, we will take this opportunity to post a plea to the Parks Department: we love the painted trashcans and the beautification of the boardwalk. Please, please, please, please do some emergency repairs on the truly frightening stretch of the boardwalk that is going to seriously injure people this summer. It is small comfort that the last thing someone falling through the boardwalk will see before waking up at Coney Island Hospital is a beautifully painted trashcan. Seriously. It has gone from bad to genuinely scary.



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