Friday, April 25, 2008

A Word from GL: New Look GL Coming on Monday!

We'll be rolling out a new look GL on Monday that we've been slowly working on over the last few months. We say that in order to say this: GL will be moving from Blogger which has been our (more or less happy) home for the last two years and over to, which has been redirecting people to blogger for two years. On Monday morning, we hope you'll reset your bookmarks or, at least, remember to type in For those of you that read GL via your RSS feed, we hope you'll change over on Monday and we'll keep broadcasting RSS messages asking you to do so. All of our archives will be migrating over to our new server, although they'll always be available here too. We hope you'll make this long overdue switch with us and, of course, we'll have more to say about it on Monday.


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