Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Design Collective Show Redux: It's About the Designers, Stupid

On Monday, we wrote an item about Saturday's wonderful Indie Designers Market show in Park Slope that focused on some background noise created by the Old Stone House, which hosted the show. Several of the designers (very appropriately) noted that we overlooked their hard work. That was not our intent.

The show featured two impressive floors worth of local designers offering excellent fashions and accessories, and showcasing their wonderful creativity. (The beautiful work to the right belongs to Elaine Perlov.) We passed through between rainstorms and weren't taking notes or we would name our two particular favorites: a designer on the second floor offering some of the coolest custom-designed clothing for children and toddlers that we've ever seen anywhere (the t-shirts with the handpainted cars were genius) and one with wonderful hand-crafted colorful leather accessories and little bags in which to carry things around.

Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn highlights the designers themselves, which was the entire point of the show. We'll borrow from OTBKB's excellent summary for the one or two readers that haven't already seen it there:
On Saturday, I went to the Design Collective Market, the brainchild of clothing designer Kathy Malone, at the Old Stone House.

And this is what I got: a quilted blue skirt with a red floral patterned lining by Fofolle for 2-year old Ducky.

There were two floors of Brooklyn's hot, new, design stars who were selling their indie handbags, jewelry, children's clothing, accessories, and paper and lifestyle goods.

Lot and Lots of cool things to buy. Here were some of my faves:

Beautiful skirts in beautiful fabrics and great t's and tanks with appliques by Fofolle. Loved Elaine Perlov's clothing and her obie belts. She was featured on Daily Candy and Lucky Magazine's Pick of the Day. Pretty, pretty necklaces with glass beads and baubles by Kristin Eno. Cool name and cool stuff from Slope Suds. Beautiful hand-screened goods by Foxy & Winston.

So much more -- I don't remember all the names. Special, hand-made things. A great way to support local, indie talent and own something beautiful and unique in the process.

The Design Collective has a large membership and Kathy Malone has many more shows planned for this eclectic group of artisans and designers. Stay tuned for more shows.

We will say it here LOUD AND CLEAR: We were excited in the first place that this show was taking place locally, we salute the hard work of the organizers and designers and we look forward to more shows from this excellent group of talented Brooklynites. Next time, we promise a focus exclusively on your wonderful work!!!


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