Friday, September 22, 2006

De-Industrialization of Williamsburg Continues: GL Has the Demolition Porn

Allen Zipper

Another day, another Williamsburg demolition. Or two. Or three. Or four. There are entire blocks of Williamsburg, especially in North Williamburg closer to McCarren Park, that have been entirely cleared of their industrial buildings in the last 12 months. Some are now big empty lots; some are construction sites.

We recently wandered by the Allen Zipper Company at 70 Berry (pictured above) and found that it was not only no longer making zippers, but that the roof and part of the interior was gone. We also noticed that scaffolding had gone up around the Wonder Foods factory at N. 8th Street and Driggs, (below) which was notable for the wolf mural that had been painted on the side. (We actually remember when a lot of the factories and warehouses that are now being demolished were operating businesses.) We have no idea what particular project is destined for this site, but we know instinctively that it's bound to be a luxury condos or rentals.

Wonder Foods

Meanwhile the photo below offers an older demolition shot of what used to be at the corner of N. 11th and Roebling, and is now in the process of becoming a huge residential development. The sign outside says McCarren Park Mews (which probably has one or two old timers spinning in their graves), but there's no solid information about it.

McCarren Park Mews II


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