Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Auf Wiedersehen: 184 Kent Will Morph Into Something Different

2006_11_184 Kent

We've been watching for signs of activity at the Austin Nichols Warehouse at 184 Kent Avenue in Williamsburg. We've seen windows come out and we've seen some windows put in. Private security is always going in and out of the building and there are frequently lights on inside. One Saturday night, we saw a huge trailer pulling out of a cavernous space inside the old warehouse.

In any case, yesterday, someone sent along fresh renderings of Arquitectonica's design for the re-done 184 Kent to Curbed. It seems to largely keep the facade intact, but adds numerous structures to the building that change it fundamentally. Also, you can't help but notice the three highrises looming over the building, which would be the adjacent Northside Piers condos. The rendering is worth it for that alone, as the Northside Piers developers don't highlight drawings of their project with all three highrises.

Oh, how different the waterfront will look in about five years.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

every time i read something on here i become much more anxious to move away.

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