Monday, December 18, 2006

Does the Gowanus World War II Rescue Boat Have a New Home?

Empty Vessel Project New Spot

The Gowanus Canal's World War II rescue boat also known as the Empty Vessel Project has been moved north of the Carroll Street Bridge. You might recall that the boat was threatened after the city evicted it from its berth at the foot of Second Street, where it had been moored most of the year. After that it was moved to a mooring off a private truck lot a bit to the south. Yesterday, a reader emailed to say:
I wanted to let you know that I helped move the boat formerly known as the "emptyvesselproject" back next to the Carroll St Bridge, I guess someone bought the boat.
We went to check on the boat yesterday and found it moored with two other boats between the Carroll Street Bridge and Union Street Bridge. We also emailed the Empty Vessel Project, but haven't gotten a response, so we don't know if the boat was, in fact, sold or has simply been moved to a different mooring. Perhaps the good people at the Empty Vessel Project, or a reader who knows, will let us know. The EVP staff has been looking for a solution to finding a home for the little boat. Hopefully, this is part of the solution rather than a further manifestation of the problem. We'd be sad to see the Empty Vessel Project boat gone from the Big G.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

They did indeed 'buy' the boat, we all helped move it last was so much fun, a friend of ours actually fell into the canal! We asked them what they might use the boat for, and they only said "gay things." Rumor has it the boat could be re-named the "Panty Liner'....

12:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's just silly. We'll do more with the boat than "gay things." For instance we'll have "homo hangouts", "dyke dances", and "maybe you just haven't met the 'right' man" pageants.

Oh, and it will be opened back up as a public community arts space too.

5:25 PM  

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