Monday, December 04, 2006

Sponge Bob Planning Coney Island Move?

Nickelodeon, whose proposal for turning Governor's Island into a "themed resort" was recently rejected may be looking at new territory near the water: Coney Island. Todays Post lets loose with a story that SpongeBob and friends could be coming to our favorite Brooklyn waterfront destination in the form of a Nickelodeon "theme hotel" and, possibly, other attractions on the site of Astroland, which Thor Equities purchased last week. (This could be part of the Thor Equities development or Thor could flip some of the land it has purchased and sell it to the TV network for SpongeBob's new home). Says Rich Calder's story in the Post:
Such a plan would resemble Nickelodeon's pitch for Governors Island, which city and state officials shot down last month. That plan also included an indoor water park, but it was unclear whether the water park has come up again in preliminary talks with Thor.

Thor spokesman Lee Silberstein said companies are interested in Coney Island "now that there is a serious proposal for the area's revival."

Nickelodeon Senior VP Howard Smith said, "We think a Nickelodeon-themed family resort hotel would be hugely popular with New Yorkers."

Krabby Patties by the Sea, anyone?



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