Friday, February 09, 2007

Roebling Oil Field Attracting Attention?

Roebling Oil Pool

We've been on the development site we have dubbed the Roebling Oil Field for some time since we were first attracted to it by the smell. We'd photographed the demolition of the building that used to be on the site, but hadn't paid any particular mind to it until the digging began and an overpowering stench of oil began wafting from the big property on Roebling between N. 10th and N. 11th. We've posted about it more than a dozen times and were nearly eaten by a sidewalk sinkhole created by work at the site on New Year's Eve while shooting photos.

Williamsburg activist Philip DePaolo has been following the site and has been working to bring it to the attention of Assem. Joe Lentol, whose staff has taken a look. An email from the Assemblyman's office reads, in part:
I was told by DEC that black oil was found at the site on August 23 of last year. The contaminated soil was then removed from the site and another round of removal was scheduled (possibly completed by now). More soil testing was to follow that. A chemical agent called bio-solve has been used to treat the ground. Bio-solve is used for "petroleum remediation." Because the building going up will be residential, I asked about danger to the future inhabitants. I was told that a vapor-barrier will be put in place as a precaution. A vapor-barrier is a heavy duty plastic liner that is placed in between the ground and the foundation. When I first came across that site, there was a distinct smell coming from the area along with a black sludgey substance covering some of the construction site. However, on a second visit a few weeks later, the area appeared to be cleaned up. Your photos indicate that more oil has surfaced.
In response, Mr. DePaolo writes:
Something is seriously wrong at this site. The fact that a foundation had been poured without proper mediation is VERY troubling. This site should be closed off till more testing is done.
The exchange took place this week, so the situation is ongoing.

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what happens if this barrier breaks after lets say 7 years ?

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